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Arthritis Management

Arthritis is one of the most widespread and important diseases in America.  Millions of adults suffer from varying degrees of osteoarthritis – the most common type of joint inflammation.  Osteoarthritis is a gradual breakdown of the joints, and it can affect any joint in the body.  Usually, the major joints – such as the knee and the shoulder – become symptomatic first.  Other joints, however, can also begin to hurt as well.  Arthritis can affect a single joint or many joints in the same person.  There are other types of arthritis as well, such as rheumatoid arthritis and infectious arthritis.

Dr. Bushnell has extensive experience and training in the management of arthritis, with techniques that range from exercises and medications to injections and even major interventional surgery.  While surgeries such as a knee replacement or a shoulder replacement, may ultimately become an option – Dr. Bushnell usually tries to exhaust cheaper, simpler, less painful, and less invasive methods first.

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