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Labral Repair

The labrum, or the cartilage o-ring of the shoulder socket, can sometimes tear as a result of overuse or acute injury such as a shoulder dislocation.  When the labrum is torn, it often requires surgical repair to re-establish the sealant effect on the shoulder, decrease pain, and restore function.  Repair of the labrum can be performed using shoulder arthroscopy or open shoulder surgery.  Typically, 2 or 3 suture anchors are placed into the shoulder socket, or glenoid, and used to tie the labrum down.  Sometimes a biceps tenodesis will also be performed to prevent continued pressure on the labrum as it tries to heal.  Most patients recover in about 4 months from arthroscopic labral repair, and can enjoy a full return to normal function, work, and athletic participation.  Dr. Bushnell has extensive experience in labral repair surgery.

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