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Biceps Tenodesis

When the biceps tendon at the shoulder suffers from partial tearing or tendinitis, or if the labrum tear of the shoulder, a biceps tenodesis may be indicated.  In this procedure, the biceps tendon is reattached to the humerus (arm bone) through a small incision and using suture anchors to secure the tendon down to the bone.  Usually, this procedure is performed through the same incision used to insert the scope and/or various instruments as part of a shoulder arthroscopy procedure.  When a tenodesis is performed, it is usually to maintain relatively normal appearance of the biceps muscle and to improve long-term function, strength, and endurance of the biceps muscle.  Alternatively, some patients choose to have a biceps tenotomy procedure, in which the tendon is simply clipped off of the labrum.  In many cases, the functional and cosmetic loss from a tenotomy are negligible – and the rehabilitation and healing process are much faster.

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